Where is Bethany UMC Located?
Bethany United Methodist Church is located at 118 W. Third South Street, Summerville, SC 29483

NOTE: Please see the On-Site Driving Route Map at the bottom of this page.

Directions From I-26
Exit Highway 17-A towards Summerville. After you pass the town square and Azalea Park, turn right on West 5th South Street, where you will be directed by police and volunteers.

From 5 Points in Summerville
Follow Highway 17-A/Main Street and turn left on West 5th South Street. Follow directions by police and volunteers.The Living Christmas Story is a drive-through pageant. Site restrictions necessitate that the drive-through pageant be limited to cars and vans. If you must drive a bus to facilitate transportation, please call the church office. Arrangements will be made for your members to ride through in Bethany UMC buses, as driveways may not accommodate larger vehicles.

Ride the Open Air Tram
You are welcome to park in town and walk to Bethany UMC, where you can enjoy the view from our open air tram. Trams will be located in front of the church on West Third South Street.

Other Buses and Vans
Vans or buses used by churches or retirement homes, with the logo on the side of the vehicle, may use the Main Street entrance and bypass the long line. Please follow the directions of the traffic controllers on site.

Personal vans are not included in this group and should remain in line. Full-sized buses such as school buses cannot enter the Living Christmas Story because their size prevents them from maneuvering through the pageant.

Map of the Living Christmas Story 

1. Enrollment Table
2. Gabriel to Mary
3. Mary, Joseph and Donkey
4. King Herod’s Court
5. Angel to Shepherds
6. City Gates
7. Soldier Encampment
8. Women at the Well
9. Net Mending
10. Basket Weavers
11. Warming Fire
12. Carpenter’s Shop
13. Blacksmith
14. Synagogue
15. Market
16. Inn
17. The Nativity
18. The Cross
19. Empty Tomb